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Textport is a single-purpose-system that translates the text stored in your e-commerce platform.

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Why you should use Textport

By using Textport, you can quickly translate your products and offerings which enables you to reach a wider customer base faster and thus make more money.

In short; use Textport to make more money.

Decrease time to market

When you invest in a new product, you want to start selling it as soon as possible. This is called Time to Market. Decreasing this time enables you to get a faster Return on Investment and thus enables you to launch more products quicker. 


In short; you will make money faster on your ideas. 


Textport enables you to launch new products on new markets faster; reducing time to market. It does this by quickly translating the product texts you add to your merchant platform. 

Test new markets before investing big

Humans are great for accuracy, but Machines are better for doing low cost tests. With the new and improved Machine Translations, you can do test runs on new markets. If you get traction you can bring in the humans to do more accurate translations with better conversion rates. This enables you to use your marketing budget efficiently. 

Earn more money on your existing infrastructure

You have everything in place: products, prices, branding, advertisement, a warehouse and a logistic chain. You can utilize it more efficiently by selling to a bigger audience. The only way to do that is to translate your store to reach new markets. 

Not doing so is leaving money on the table. 

Reach more customers

The world is a big place. The true benefits of selling online is reaching a global customer base. By translating and localizing your content, you can reach much more customers. Reaching new markets is the fastest way of boosting your turnover. 


With Textport it’s an easy process to reach new markets.


What is

Textport is a single-purpose-system for translations of text currently stored in platforms. 

If you have text in a platform and want to have it translated, Textport is the system to use. There is no need to export things manually. 

We can pull text from any of your systems, translate it, and push it back to the system.

Textport does this in a controlled process saving all versions of the text. You have full control over each step in the process.

Have Total Control Over
Your Content


Choose between humans or machines

You can choose to have the text translated by humans or machines. Humans still outperform machines when it comes to quality, especially when it comes to languages that are not widely spoken. Machine translations outperform humans when it comes to speed and cost.

With Textport, you have total control over your content. If you want human translation for your product descriptions but machine translation for product specifications; that's possible with Textport.

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