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We understand that all store owners have different business goals, plans, and budgets when it comes to translation & localization. That's why we created Textport, to give you a solution that serves your needs. With Textport, you are in charge. For example, you can use Business Quality for the product descriptionss of your top selling products, while using Machine Translation for product details, colors, or tags.


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Common Questions

The short answer is NO. The power of Textport comes with the flexibility we offer to the store owners. We find offering monthly or annual subscriptions based on the word count or number of languages limiting. 

With Textport, you only pay for the translations you order.

You need Topcontent client account to connect your store to Textport. Your balance is reflected on Textport. At any point, you can top up your balance with Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.

The sky! 

We do not have any minimum or maximum word count limitations. You can order the translation of your entire store for 10 languages, or just translate & localize one product title. It’s all about what you need, 1 word or 1 million words, we can handle it.

As you see above, we have 3 options; Machine Translation, Standard, and Business. 

For machine translation, we use algorithms developed by Google and they have proven to have high accuracy and quality.

Standard and Business translations are done by our experienced translators.  

Think of them as processes rather than levels. Because we make sure that any content delivered for your review has the top quality. 

In “STANDARD” one of our experienced translators translates and localizes your store content. Once they are done, a proofreader checks the translation and sends it back to the translator if it needs another look. You’ll receive a top-quality translation after it passes the proofreader.

In “BUSINESS“, a quality check step is added. Translators and proofreaders who see business quality order requests are the most-experienced ones. They are experienced in research, translation, and localization. Once they are done, Quality Check ensures that the content fits your business and your brand. 

Well, we don’t offer subscriptions. There are no commitments. So, you can leave once all your translation orders are delivered. 

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