Shopify Integration

Translate and localize your Shopify store​

Save time and cut costs while reaching global audience with localized content

Reach global audiences in minutes!  Talk to your customers in their own language with Textport. Increase your sales and expand internationally.

Textport is seamleslly integrated with Shopify. It provides easy setup and user-friendly interface. Everyone can use Texport’s Shopify integration.

Our integration enables you to translate your Shopify site to different languages without any manual work.

With Textport-Shopify translation integration, you will reach a new level multilingual web presence.

How our Shopify translation app works

We built our translation app to work seamlessly with Shopify. In less than a minute you can retrieve your entire product information on Textport. You can pick the items, select the languages and place translation orders.

We offer machine and human translations. For machine translation you’ll get your order back in a couple of minutes. If you decide to use human translation, your orders will be fulfilled by our experienced translators.

Based on the level you picked, a proofreader or a proofreader and an editor checks your content after the translator. You can approve the content or send it back. After your approval, your translated and localized content is ready to be published.

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Human or Machine Translation

When translating your Shopify content, you can use machine translation or let our experts translate and localize your content.

Total Control Over Your Content

You can order translation for just one product, or your product range for multiple languages. With Textport, you can translate whatever you want, whenever you want.

Automate Your Translation Process

Avoid the manual work and save time. Retrieve new content automatically. Publish manually or fully automate the process.